A visit to Temple Byodo-In, Valley of the Temples, Oahu

On a calm, cloudy morning, Lorna Gomes took us to visit Temple Byodo-In, nestled in a narrow, verdant valley near the foot of a steep mountain escarpment near Honolulu.


It is a shrine, not a place of active worship.  As Lorna tells us it was built in 1968 to commemorate the arrival of the Japanese in Hawaii a century earlier.  Since it was completed just 23 years after the end of World War II, I felt free to imagine it might have provided some closure at the time to lingering resentment from … but then I thought it best to follow Lorna’s sage advice, put that completely out of my mind and enjoy the peace of this beautiful place.

Japanese immigrants suffered difficulties similar to other immigrant groups in Hawaii, but had gone on to make important contributions to Hawaii and Oahu’s culture.

Below is a 9 foot high statue of the Buddha, coated with gold lacquer.


Buddha Statue inside shrine shelter

At Temple Byodo-In

Another view of the shrine with Lorna, Rosa, and Urania




2 responses to “A visit to Temple Byodo-In, Valley of the Temples, Oahu

  1. Yolanda Perez

    Bonito y plácido lugar

  2. Si, un lugar que tranquiliza la mente.

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