Portugal – Coastline at the end of the road

June 2015, Portugal

June 2015, Portugal

Consider where Portugal sits in the world.  Geographically, it may be the most isolated country in Europe, sharing a land border only with Spain.  And that border is remote, arid and mountainous.

But the coastline, where most of the Portuguese live, is a welcoming place.  It has a simple beauty, maybe a little like California, but a lot less crowded.  There is sun and rain and the water is warm.

Maybe all this helps explain the people: they are gracious hosts, who have a low-key calm that makes the stranger feel welcome and relaxed.  They take obvious pride in their home. They keep their storefronts and streets clean; those who work the land have a deep connection to it and previous generations who worked it.

In restaurants, customers are expected to linger, to enjoy another glass of Port or a dessert, and not ask for the bill right away.  If you let it, Portugal can get under your skin like few places can.


2 responses to “Portugal – Coastline at the end of the road

  1. A very accurate description of Portugal and its lovely generous people.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I will always remember our Portugal trip. Thanks for sharing!

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