World Cup update July 3, 2010

Caracas was again focused on the World Cup today.  Spain was playing Paraguay.  There is a huge community of Spanish immigrants in Caracas who showed up to cheer their team on at the fancy San Ignacio shopping center (see photos).   After a scoreless first half and failed penalty kicks by each team, Spain finally put one in after two shots in a row hit the goalpost and the second carromed in, a few minutes before the end of regulation.

Earlier, Germany destroyed Argentina, to the delight of many.  Argentines, whether fair or not, have a reputation for arrogance.  My brother in law told me the joke is they are so full of themselves they don´t even like each other.  Another reason they were unpopular with some people this year is because of their coach, former star Diego Maradona.  He became a cocaine addict and was kicked out of the 1994 World Cup in shame.  He is also a strong supporter of President Chavez, who has brought him here to whip up support during election campaigns.  So opponents of Chavez could not have been happier.  At the end of the match, I heard one women say, ¨Maradona, let me see your face¨ as the camera zoomed in on him weeping and hugging his players. 

Futbol like they say here, explains the world.


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