A Few Scenes from the Big City

Walkway and Parque Boyaca

In the last few days I`ve seen some new things here, including a  Orgullo Gay (Gay Pride) parade (we just ran into it), and a pocket park.  I have to wait on the parade images, they are still on sister Rosa`s cell phone.  I am attempting to attach a few pictures here, but I am still struggling to understand the formatting on Word Press. Below is a public market located underneath an elevated roadway known as the araña (spider).  First and last photos are two views of a pocket park on municipal government land that was previously occupied by squatters.  Last year, the municipal government of Chacao (a part of the city of Caracas, which opposes the  federal government) moved the squatters off the land and developed the park.   Whether squatters should have the right to unused land is a battle between this municipality and the Venezuelan national government.  As for the photo of elegant Isabel, she liked the idea of appearing here, so I have included the photo.

Isabel, Madeleyna and I

Workers enjoy a hearty Venezuelan breakfast at the free market

Isabel demonstrating the new Samsung 3d TVs

Creative use of small public space in this densely packed city


2 responses to “A Few Scenes from the Big City

  1. Hola, Jonathan¡. Me encanta tu página y las fotos que presentas. La modelo de espaldas en el mercado público… ¡ la conozco! … ja ja ja, es :-Ura…

  2. Bienvenido Primo¡
    Disfruta de las cosas buenas y bellas que aún nos queda… La familia, la montaña, la playita,la comida, los paseos, tomarse un chocolatico caliente en días de lluvia, los tequeños, el ron,el reírnos de la vida , del mundo y de nosotros mismos… ¡a pesar de los pesares !… Recibe un fuerte abrazo .

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